How NH Roads Are Maintained
The Ten Year Plan:
Every two years, New Hampshire updates what is known as the Ten Year Transportation Improvement Plan (Ten Year Plan). The Ten Year Plan is a long-term maintenance plan for New Hampshire's infrastructure and encompasses the highways, railroads, transit, bicycles, pedestrians, and aeronautics programs. The Ten Year Plan contains a list of projects that span the life of the plan, divided amongst the programs. Through the updating process, projects are added, deleted, or placed on hold. The first Ten Year Plan was legislated in 1986.

The Ten Year process is as follows:
1. Regional Planning Commissions submit plans to NH DOT
2. NH DOT prepares a financially constrained draft Ten Year Plan
3. Executive Councilors (who along with the NH DOT Commissioner make up the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Intermodal Transportation (GACIT)) chair public hearings around the State regarding the draft
4. GACIT meets to make their final recommendations. The draft Ten Year Plan is submitted to the Governor. The Governor reviews the plan, modifies it and submits it to the Legislature
5. Legislature holds hearings on the Ten Year Plan and legislates the approved Ten Year Plan into law
Betterment Program:
Betterment funds are used to address emergency work (due to flooding, critical bridge damage, etc.), and where applicable the program is reimbursed with available federal aid (Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) funds or Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Emergency Aid funds). The Betterment Program has funded approximately 65 projects per year to remove/stabilize rock cuts; erect snow fencing on bridges; provide traffic signal upgrades; reconstruct/improve intersections; replace large diameter drainage culverts; upgrade guardrail; repair, crack seal, and repave highways; repair, reconstruct, and paint bridges.
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Better Bridges National Bridge Inventory
The Federal Highway Administration, in consultation with the states, has assigned a sufficiency rating (SR) to each bridge (20 feet or more) inventoried. Formula SR rating factors are as outlined in the current Recording and Coding Guide for Structures Inventory and Appraisal SI&A of the Nations Bridges.

Below are the Bridge ratings for all 50 states by year. This data has been analyzed in order to inform you of where New Hampshire stands compared to the rest of the nation. If you would like to review the national bridge inventory, visit the Better Roads Magazine website at

Better Bridge Inventory 2011
Better Bridge Inventory 2010

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