About The Coalition
Launched in February 2004, A Safer Road to Tomorrow was created to inform New Hampshire residents about the nature and scope of deficiencies in the state’s highways and bridges, and their immediate and long-term impact on public safety, the economy and quality of life. Through outreach to the driving public, associations and other organizations, A Safer Road to Tomorrow helps educate New Hampshire residents on why the increased demand on roads, bridges and highways is important to them and their families — both now and in the future.

New Hampshire’s system of roads and bridges provides the state’s residents and its visitors with a high level of mobility. This extensive system is the backbone of NH’s economy and enables citizens to go to work, visit with family and friends, move goods to market, and frequent tourist attractions. The continued improvement, and expansion of NH’s highway transportation system, is crucial to providing a safer, more efficient transportation system, while improving the economic livelihood of the state and NH’s future.

A Safer Road to Tomorrow is comprised of leading public and private transportation, construction, safety, law enforcement and business organizations. They include: the Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association, the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police, the Safety & Health Council of Northern New England, the New Hampshire Good Roads Association, and the Business & Industry Association.

“Our mission is to inform New Hampshire residents about the nature and scope of deficiencies in the state's highways and bridges, and their immediate and long-term impact on public safety, the economy, and our quality of life. It's our view that if people understand the transportation problems, then they can thoughtfully evaluate and contribute to effective solutions." - Gary Abbott, AGC of NH, Safer Roads Partner.

A Safer Road to Tomorrow initiative operates on the following premises:

Our transportation infrastructure is an economic tool in New Hampshire

Investments in highways, roads and bridges are essential in maintaining the superior quality of life and safety of the residents who live, work and play in the Granite State.

Smart transportation planning is integral to the success of our state.

Overall, transportation impacts New Hampshire's economy, public safety and quality of life.

Coalition Partners

Associated General Contractors of NH
AGC of NH is a non-profit trade organization of general contractors, subcontractors, and industry professionals dedicated to improving industry standards.
NH Good Roads Association
NH Good Roads Association is a non-profit trade organization established to encourage the development of a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound highway transportation system.
Safety & Health Council of Northern New England
The Council's mission is to educate and promote safety and health policies, practices and procedures that prevent and mitigate human economic losses arising from unintended causes.
NH Association of Chiefs of Police
The Association secures a closer relationship among commanding officers all over the state, to encourage a cooperative relationship among all police officials.
NH Lodging & Restaurant Association
The Association is a non-partisan organization to promote, protect, and educate the food service and lodging industries and to esnure positive business growth for our partners.
Business & Industry Association
The Association is NH's leading business trade association. It advocates for business interests with state and federal legislators and regulators.
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